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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Belieber" (Cathleen Falsani)

TITLE: Belieber!: Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber
AUTHOR: Cathleen Falsani
PUBLISHER: Brentwood, TN: Worthy Publishing, 2011, (229 pages).

This is a biography of a teen pop star with a difference. It is written from a perspective of faith, by a journalist, using materials harnessed from the teen sensation's movies, interviews, social media, and the press. The storytelling is vivid. Tracing Justin Bieber's rise to stardom, Falsani gives readers an intimate look at the faith of Bieber, often weaving in the lives of the people closest to him, and their influences. Born in 1994 in Ontario Canada, Bieber has become one of the hottest stars in the music world. His meteoric rise has its humble beginnings since 2007. With support and strong encouragement of his mum, Pattie, the hard work of his manager, Scooter, and the power of social media like Youtube and Twitter, Bieber's career is unprecedented.

What is most valuable in this book is the perspective of faith, of how God has helped Pattie hold her life together, despite her traumatic childhood. It also tells of how much Jesus has meant to Justin Bieber. From an unknown bathroom singer to a world famous performer, Bieber has become one of the hottest superstars in this social media age. The book details the timeline of Bieber's rise, and how he and his mum has relied on prayer and on their faith in God to help them through. It also makes reference to the never-say-die effort of Scooter, who diligently seeks to give Bieber a chance at stardom. Falsani brings us many details about the lives of Pattie, Scooter, and his close friends. There are multiple stories and quips of how many individuals, especially the younger generation becomes curious about the faith of Justin Bieber. Although the author did not manage to interview Bieber personally for this book, this book is by itself an engaging enough read. The questions at the end of the book enables readers to asks themselves questions about faith too. It can be a good way to introduce Justin Bieber and his faith to beliebers everywhere.

If you want to know more about the faith of Justin Bieber, this book is a great start, from an outsider's perspective. After all, most of us are ordinary folks trying to peep or to look into the lives of famous stars. From a distance. This book is one of those that bridges the distance exceptionally well.


This book is provided to me free by Worthy Publishing and NetGalley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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