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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Choose Justice" (Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne)

TITLE: Choose Justice - A Daily Lifestyle
AUTHOR: Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne
PUBLISHER: World Vision Canada, 2013, (DVD + Discussion Guide)

Have you ever wondered about the power and influence of the Church community, IF every member lives out the example of Jesus? Have we considered whether we are living more in line with worldly expectations or in line with Jesus' expectations?

This set of studies focuses on the power of choice Christians and Churches have when it comes to doing something about justice in this world. Bearing much similarity to the passions in "Red Letter Christians," the same two authors have come together with World Vision to produce six video discussions and a conversation guide for Christians not just to talk about justice, but to live out justice through a daily lifestyle. This resource grows out of three convictions. It asserts that Christians are called to simple living and justice affirming. It maintains that justice is possible through intentional choices. It promises that such a lifestyle of simplicity and justice will bring about blessings for all.

  1. Choose Justice as a Lifestyle
    This first session sets the stage about the importance of living a lifestyle in recognition of needy people. It shows us the way Jesus lived. It contrasts two different lifestyles; the worldly vs the way of Jesus; and then asks us to choose.
  2. Choose Justice at the Table
    We can choose justice by the way we eat. Here, readers are asked to consider the amount of consumption and wastage; how food can be used to build community; how we adopt an 'open table' and food choices.
  3. Choose Justice at the Party
    This session homes in on the way we celebrate special occasions. How can we simplify our food choices? What biblical principles can we apply on inviting people to our party? There is the three-gift model that deserves consideration, including the way we receive gifts. In conventional gift-giving, give less and receive differently. In addition, learn to give charitably to the needy. 
  4. Choose Justice at the Mall
    With shopping a major past-time in many parts of the world, learning how to shop as Christianly as possible is important. It is about buying well, not just buying less. It is being prepared to change our lifestyles to live more simply, even doing away with some treasured conveniences. It is also exercising consumer power and communicating our values through our buying.
  5. Choose Justice at the Bank
    Here, the focus is on money and the use of money. What is our relationship with money? Does it cause others to envy? What about the way the Church spends money?
  6. Choose Justice in Community
    Here, we are urged to "go boldly where we have not gone before." The purpose of the Church is not to spend all of its resources on herself, but to learn to go beyond their comfort zone.

Do not let the brevity of the book/DVD resource deceive you. It is packed with lots of ideas and practical tips about learning how to inculcate just living through intentional choices in our daily lives.

The virtues of simplicity and action are lived out by the very format and footprint of this resource. With six short videos in the DVD and a small booklet of condensed ideas, anyone can read this book quickly. It is challenging enough to make one stand up and want to do something. It can convict those of us who have lived in our comfort zones for far too long. Perhaps, the way ahead for people feeling jaded about their faith is to exercise their faith. This book shows the way. Use this book for maximum benefit with a small group of believers what want to do something.

Rating: 4.5 stars of 5.


This book is provided to me free by Graf-Martin Communications and World Vision Canada without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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