About This Blog

About This Blog

Reading is a passion of mine. Since the introduction of the blogging platform, I have been reading and reviewing books actively. As a teaching pastor, books (both printed and electronic) are the mainstay of my ministry. There are millions of books out there in the market. Many are being published each day. I have done hundreds of reviews, many published on my main blog YAPDATES since 2005. It has come to a point that I need to dedicate one blog just to do that. This is the blog.

Authors are constantly challenged about how to increase readership. They have a message to tell, and they want to reach the audience with the message they have. but where are the hearers?

Readers are increasingly challenged about their best use of time. Few have the time to read full-length books. They need instead to be invited to read. For them, the pressing question is: "Why should I read this book?" For those wanting to buy, they may ask: "Which book should I buy and read?"

Bridges/Reviewers play a critical role between authorship and readership. They are readers themselves. Many have gone on to become authors. Far too many good books lay hidden in libraries, unread, and undiscovered by the general reading public.

This Blog: "Paronama of a Book Saint" attempts to accomplish three purposes:

  1. Help promote good books for authors who have a message worth telling;
  2. Share with readers about these books;
  3. Sharing my views from a Christian lens.
I do not claim to be a saint by my own merit. It is only by the grace of God, through Jesus Christ my Lord, that I am saved, and freed to pursue a path of godliness in God.

Currently, I am an active blogger/reviewer for publishers such as Abingdon Press, Baker Books, Barbour Publishing, Faithwords,  Crossway, Penguin, GrafMartin Communications, NavPress, Thomas-Nelson, Tyndale, Zondervan, and others. I do reviews for individuals on a case by case basis.

CONTACT: If you are an author, a publisher, or a literary agent, feel free to contact me [yapdates @ aim . com] if you like me to consider reviewing your book. I pastor a wonderful Church in the Tri-Cities of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.

Disclosure Statement: Please note that there are Amazon Associates links on this website. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It's not a lot, maybe enough for a cup of coffee every couple of weeks.

Conrade Yap
p/s: This blog has been setup to supplement my main blog (yapdates.blogspot.com)