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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Radical Dating

TITLE: Radical Dating: When God takes over your love life
AUTHOR: Diane Montgomery, Gabrielle Pickle, Sarah Bubar
PUBLISHER: Christian Focus Publications, (176 pages).

Why would anyone read another book on dating? Simply put, relationships matter. One does not have to be a single in order to learn more about dating. Parents may need to give guidance to their children at some point of time. Friends who are single may need some advice from time to time. Maybe, you know of someone who is single and lost about their own relationships with people. Maybe, you are in an organization where there are singles who need some kind of guidance or help. More importantly, if you are Christian, you may want some wholesome advice from a faith-based perspective, written by theologically trained authors, and by people who are honestly wrestling with the same kind of questions. Montgomery, Pickle, and Bubar are three women who came together to write about faith, love, dating relationships, through the why, how, who, what, and when questions. The central point in the book is to let the love of God direct the love relationship, through two key words: Witness and Worship.

In witness, the authors aim to let the desire to be a witness for God guide all their dating decisions. This automatically leads to a "radical" decisions such as:

  • Letting faith guides the decision to date believers vs non-believers;
  • Letting faith guides the strict establishment of physical and emotional boundaries;
  • Letting faith guides the relationship beyond mere romance or emotional bonds;
  • Knowing that true love is for God, above all relationships;
  • Letting faith guides the desire for purity;
  • Letting faith guides the decision to choose singlehood if necessary.
These and many more encapsulate the general principle of letting God guide the believer in all decisions pertaining to dating relationships. Packed with biblical references and practical tips, the authors let their convictions in God guide all of their dating advice. There are personal sharing of painful past relationships. There are questions to help readers in their struggle through dating and relationships. As I read the book, I can sense the deep convictions the authors have and the earnest care that they desire to share for those struggling with singleness. Most of all, they have written this book together, highlighting yet one more important thing about going through the ups and downs of dating relationship: Fellowshiping with believers. In this book, the three girls have one another for companionship, for fellowship, and lots of fun!

Rating: 4 stars of 5.


This book is provided to me free by Christian Focus Publications and Cross-Focused Media without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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