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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review: "40 Days to Better Living - Depression"

TITLE: 40 Days to Better Living--Depression
AUTHOR: Scott Morris
PUBLISHER: Uhrichville, OH: Barbour Publishing, 2011.

Six individuals. Forty Days. 2 additional days for reflection. This colourful brochure-cum-recovery manual for individuals coping with depression is an invitation to journey with six persons who have experienced the lowest of emotions. Collected from the ministry of Church Health Center in Memphis, Dr Scott Morris brings together six persons who have gone through the steps to recovery. It is a testimony of a church bringing healing to people who feel down and out. It gently reminds us that one can be down, but not necessarily out.

This is a six week program. Each week, one individual shares about his/her depression condition, and the process that leads to their recovery. Each day begins with an evening meditation, a listing of the medication needed for the day, and some tips on exercise, balance, and specific therapy. There are guidelines to the use of the computer, talk, exercise, medication, support of friends and family, Scripture reading and many more.

On each page, there are encouraging words to urge the reader to move forward constructively. Questions are given to aid reflection and recovery. The daily practices are intentionally made simple and easy to follow. I like the way prayer and Bible is integrated into the healing routine. The day often ends with an affirmation of self-worth, and love of God.

I appreciate the different colours and the space allocated in the book for writing down thoughts and reflections. Meant to be interactive, readers will benefit more if the book can be worked upon together with another person.


This book is provided to me free by Barbour Publishing and NetGalley without any obligation for a positive review. Comments given are freely mine.

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