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Friday, January 20, 2012

"Girls Uncovered"

TITLE: Girls Uncovered: New Research on What America's Sexual Culture Does to Young Women
PUBLISHER: Chicago, IL: Northfield Publishing, 2012, (160 pages).

This is a bold book with a provocative title. Copyrighted by the Medical Institute of Sexual Health, based in El Paso, Texas, this book brings together scientific research on the physiological aspects of teenagers, primarily girls, and connects the findings to how the modern sexualized culture tries to manipulate and take advantage of young women.

The motivation behind the book is to sound the alarm on uncritical acceptance of cultural propaganda of free sex, premarital affairs, early sexual activities, and of course the dangers and consequences of such actions. It attempts to enhance the self-esteem of girls by re-aligning girls back to a more holistic view of their sexuality. It also seeks to protect girls from being easily manipulated by lustful boys and opportunistic marketers of commercial businesses.

What does it mean to be a person grounded in what is more important in life? What are some of the lies that the media, the culture at large, and misinformed people are telling young girls?

Piece by piece, the authors uncover some scientific evidence that the physiological changes that happen to girls between the ages of 13-25. They talk about the dangers of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) as well as early pregnancy especially when the youths are not prepared. Chapter 6 is the key chapter that points out the 'biochemistry of connection,' that highlights how hormones like oxytocin, estrogen, dopamine, pheromones, excite the person to desire more emotional attachment. What really drives home the point is this:

"The brain can't tell the difference between a broken bone and a broken heart. It hurts just the same." (72)

Indeed, when girls engage in early sex, they are unwittingly uncovering their deepest and vulnerable selves, easily open to hurts and abuses. Worse, without the protection of a marriage covenant, any abuse or hurt can turn girls bitter.

Closing Thoughts

For those of us reading such information for the first time, it can be quite a shocker. For others, it may take a while to accept the evidence. For skeptics, it is easy to dismiss this as another book that is against pre-marital sex. Basically, one does not need to totally accept what the authors are saying. Even the medical and scientific research can be taken with a pinch of salt. That said, what if the authors are right? What if there really is a biochemistry of connection? Not believing it may mean some people feel less guilty about premarital sexual acts. Believing it means one takes more care and patience with regards to one's sexuality. My take is this. Even though we may not be familiar or agree with the book, what have we got to lose to keep our bodies chaste, pure, and reserved for the one that we will marry?

After all, suppose you get a Christmas present nicely wrapped up, only to find that it has been previously opened, and contains a used product, what will you feel? Used?

If I have a critique, I feel that the title of the book needs to be changed. If one searches for 'Girls Uncovered' on the Internet, there are multiple links to pornographic websites, which is something that the authors do not intend to happen in the first place. Perhaps, retitled the book as "Girls Redeemed or Rediscovered?"

Parents of young girls will do well to buy and read this important book. You have got nothing to lose, but a lot more to gain by doing that.

Rating: 4.25 stars of 5.


This book is provided to me free by Moody Publishers and NetGalley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered are freely mine.

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