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Monday, April 2, 2012

"Pray for Me" (Kenneth H Carter Jr)

TITLE: Pray for Me: The Power in Praying for Others
AUTHOR: Kenneth H. Carter, Jr.
PUBLISHER: Nashville, TN: Upper Room Books, 2012, (112 pages).

This week is Holy Week. It is a week of watching and praying.  Reading (and praying) through this book reminds me of the importance of intercession in Bible times, as well as in our current era. The author is an ordained minister who has grappled with the topic of intercession in many different ways. Beginning with people who comes to him requesting for prayer, Carter aims to use this book to help readers be more prepared and more intentional about how to intercede for others. Using the bucket image, the intercessor is essentially a person with an empty bucket who by interceding, allows others to fill that bucket with prayer requests and burdens, and reflecting on Philippians 2:5-8 on how Christ emptied Himself for the sake of others.

Carter makes some biblical references to the place of intercession in the life of the Christian. He uses the Old Testament examples of how Moses interceded for Israel; how Elijah pleads for God to intervene, and how the psalmists seek God in prayer. He reflects upon Jesus' teaching on prayer, and about the things that seem impossible to men are possible with God. In prayer, one gets familiarized with the rhythms of action/prayer, engagement/withdrawal, ministry/retreat, and service/solitude. Through the Pauline epistles, one learns to pray as a child of God. In Hebrews, James, and Revelation, one learns about Jesus being the bridge between man and God, the need for confession, intercession and healing, and worship.

Intercession is a way for us to develop greater compassion for our fellow neighbour and friend. It is a way to develop and build community. It ushers one into the mysteries of life and in God. It reminds us again that even though we may not pray as well, the Holy Spirit is especially gracious in this area in helping us.

Closing Thoughts

I find this book highly practical and useful for basic teaching about prayer and intercession. It does not weigh the layperson down with heavy theological jargon. Neither are there difficult concepts to grasp. Instead, what we have is a book that can be used as a convenient guide to intercession and prayer. It is best used together with the Bible. It is hoped that this book will do three things. Firsly, for readers to allow the Bible to raise curiosity in us. Secondly, may this book raise exciting opportunities for various applications for us. Thirdly, for the Holy Spirit to raise up more prayer warriors in us. Perhaps, as we pray for others more and more, we sense more of the Holy Spirit praying more and more for us.

Rating: 4 stars of 5.


This book is provided to me free by Upper Room Books and NetGalley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise implied.

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