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Saturday, April 7, 2012

"The Struggles of Caregiving" (Nell E. Noonan)

TITLE: Struggles of Caregiving: 28 Days of Prayer
AUTHOR: Nell E. Noonan
PUBLISHER: Nashville, TN: Upper Room Books, 2012.

Caregiving is hard work physically. It is also exhausting mentally as well as emotionally.  Many caregivers are unpaid, under-appreciated, and untiring in their care and love. Thank God for them! Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems among caregiver is that while they excel in caring for others, they are poorly equipped or unable to care for themselves. Recognizing the enormous toll and extreme challenges on caregivers, Nell Noonan has compiled a four week journey on the struggles of caregiving, and how caregivers can learn to pace themselves well. As the main caregiver for her husband, Noonan has since begun a ministry of encouraging caregivers who are weary and heavy-laden. The key thesis in the book is to enable and empower caregivers to carve out time and space to nourish their spiritual selves. This is where true strength comes from. In fact, her impetus for this book appears to come out of her interaction with a motivation speaker who tries to help listeners delay memory loss. Caregiving is not just a physical and emotional challenge. It is deeply spiritual.

Week one recognizes the struggles and frustrations of caregiving and faith. Week two deals with the struggles with identity. Week three deals with guilt and week four tries to find some balance. In addition, the author acknowledges that for some caregivers, going to Church or other religious services may not be possible due to their caregiving responsibilities. She has helpfully included tips on "Sabbath time." Each day begins with a Bible passage. Noonan then invites readers to journey along as she shares the stories of her personal struggles as a caregiver. It closes with a prayer, and allows readers some space to write down specific prayer requests. Noonan shares a lot from her heart, often with reference to her caring for Bob, her ailing husband.

The book is truthful to one's inner needs. It recognizes the lowest points and reminds readers that there is a higher point over time. If you are planning to be a caregiver, you will appreciate the tips and wisdom in this book. If you are a caregiver, you will appreciate this book even more.

Ratings: 4 stars of 5.


This book is provided to me free by Upper Room Books and NetGalley without any obligation for a positive review. All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied.

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